Effective Construction Management in Greenwich, CT

If you’re looking for an experienced, competent project management service with an emphasis on ensuring every construction job is completed on time and within the agreed budget, we’re here to help. Whether you need to ensure the success of a single new-build, a comprehensive refurbishment or a larger scale, multi-occupancy enterprise, you can depend on us to deliver. We are qualified to assist at every stage of the construction process, providing a one-stop solution when it comes to ensuring the smooth progress of your development.

Adding Value with Construction Consulting

Our team is fully insured and certified, enabling us to bring a range of specialisms to your initiative. We have a particular interest in green construction; this means that when we take on a project, we look at everything from the plans through to material selection, construction techniques and post-completion usage in order to find ways of increasing the level of environmentally sound choices. This coupled with a good understanding of how to reduce costs without compromising on quality means any building construction we manage offers value for money and enviable running costs.

We Operate in Connecticut, New York and Vermont

Our company provides construction management services across Connecticut, New York State and Vermont.  In Vermont we operate under our sister company, Apex Builders VT, LLC.

General Contractor That Won’t Let You Down

In addition to our suite of project management services, we also offer generic construction that delivers top quality results and plenty of innovation. Our attention to detail and practical, methodical approach enables us to get the job done properly, minimizing the risk of costly delays or other implementation difficulties. To find out more about the added value we can bring to your project, or to discuss your requirements, call us now at (203) 340-2829.